PSV / is a korfball club with ambition. We want to be and remain the nicest club in Eindhoven. We are the best club to train, play and hang out with. PSV is also a club with tradition. We have been working on the road since 1913. Founded by the Philips brothers themselves. He grew up at De Herdgang and settled on the illustrious sports park Bokt with a lot of fanfare. We play korfball outside in the warm months and inside in the cold. Korfball at PSV is fun and pleasant all year round.

We are a club for everyone. For young and old: from the age of three you are welcome at the Kangaroo Klup and you can play korfball until after your retirement. For boys and girls, because korfball is the only sport where boys and girls really do sport together. We are more than korfball. We organize side activities in our clubhouse, do treasure hunts through the neighborhood and hold a summer camp on our own campsite in the woods of Borkel and Schaft.

Do what you like and what suits you

  • play and work on ball skills at the Kangaroo Klup for children from 3 to 6 years on Saturday morning;
  • korfball from 6 years: train on Tuesday and Thursday evening and play games on Saturday;
  • korfball in the Midweek on Tuesday evening;
  • stay fit at the CombiFit: a combination of fitness and korfball on Thursday evening;
  • darts: participate in the competition of Darts Organization Eindhoven;
  • or become a general member: use all the facilities of the club without korfball.

Contribution amounts from 1 July 2019

Our season runs from July 1 to June 30. The contribution is determined on the basis of the activity being participated in and the age that the player has on January 1 within the season (*).

The contribution of members who play competitions includes a contribution of € 1 for the use of a competition shirt. So you don’t have to purchase a shirt yourself.

The contribution will be collected monthly in all months of the year. A direct debit authorization must be issued for this purpose. Cancellation of the membership must be done in writing no later than 31 May, after which the membership will be terminated on 30 June.

Kangoeroe (3 t/m 5 year)
€ 8,00
Pupil F (6 and 7 year)
€ 17,00
Pupil E (8 and 9 year)
€ 17,00
Pupil D (10 and 11 year)
€ 17,00
Aspirant C (12 and 13 year)
€ 19,50
Aspirant B (14 and 15 year )
€ 19,50
Junior A (16, 17 and 18 year)
€ 23,00
Senior Saturday
€ 29,00
Senior midweek (*)
€ 18,00
€ 9,00
€ 4,50
General member
€ 9,00

(*) Midweek members who do not participate in the competition during the parliamentary period will be seen as a general member in those months.